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Sendster mobile marketing - Affiliates


Affiliate sales and marketing

Would you like to promote Sendster to local businesses via your website or even act as a sales agent in your local area?

Sendster is committed to working with partners to develop our business, and we are interested in hearing from any business that would like to earn money for promoting our SMS services to local businesses.

Affiliate marketing

If you think our service could be useful to small, local businesses in your area, then you could earn money by promoting Sendster on your website.  For anyone that registers at Sendster via a link from your site, you earn 10% of any sales made to them - and 10% of any subsequent sales made to them within 12 months of them registering!

All you need to do is feature a Sendster banner on your site and we will do the rest, from tracking who you send our way to producing monthly reports on the affiliate revenue you are earning from Sendster.

Affiliate selling

We are also interested in hearing from local business people who would like to act as sales agents for Sendster in their local area. You don't even need to sell anything. Just sign up businesses to Sendster in your local area (with full contact details), and as soon as the business starts spending with Sendster you will receive a percentage of revenue.

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