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Let people request your special offers

Let customers add their details to your address book online. Build a database of local customers without ever having to open a spreadsheet.

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When you want to fill empty tables or appointment slots at short notice, SMS can't be beaten.

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Forgotten it?

What does Sendster mobile marketing cost?


Pay as you go

Sendster is absolutely FREE for any local business to register, and then you simply pay for the SMS messages you send on a pay-as you-go basis. There is absolutely no obligation to send messages.

Adding contacts

Once you've registered, you can store as many contacts as you like on your Sendster account at no charge, so we can act as a central address book for your business (that you access from anywhere). 

Letting contacts add themselves

You can invite any of your customers and contacts to add their details FREE to your Sendster web page at any time.

Sending messages

When you want to send promotional or reminder messages to your customers, these cost 8p each, but you know that every message will be delivered straight to the mobile of each customer, so there is absolutely no wastage whatsoever. SMS forwarding and an automated response cost a further 8p per item.

Managing responses

For just £8 per month, you can have a unique Text-in number, which will enable your customers to communicate back to you whenever they like. There is no additional cost to receive incoming messages, and you can have them forwarded to any number you like. Your customers simply pay their standard SMS tariff to reply to your messages.

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