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Let people request your special offers

Let customers add their details to your address book online. Build a database of local customers without ever having to open a spreadsheet.

Email or SMS?

When you want to fill empty tables or appointment slots at short notice, SMS can't be beaten.

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Forgotten it?

97% of mobile users open a text message immediately Special offers, invitations and reminders are sent in seconds Fed up with ads in directories and local papers that don't work?

Welcome to Sendster - the UK's only SMS marketing service 100% focused on helping pubs and restaurants promote themselves in their local area

Advertise to all your customers - instantly

Sendster is the new way to send SMS messages (that you write) to all your customers at once. You decide exactly what you want to send, who receives it and when it goes out. It's all done on our easy-to-use, pay-as-you-go website. Customers sign up for your messages online, which automatically adds them to your address book on the Sendster website. You can encourage them to sign up with an incentive, so your address book just keeps on growing.

Sendster saves you money

At only 8p per message sent, Sendster must be the most targeted and cost-effective way of advertising to customers - and you get to build your own customer database with very little effort or cost!

Use Sendster for:

  • Special offers
  • Sale or discount notices
  • One-off brand promotions
  • Special event reminders
  • Special occasion offers (like customer birthdays)
  • Appointment reminders
  • Seasonal offers
  • In fact, any offer you like!

Sendster is more effective than anything you've ever tried before.

Forget newspaper and online ads or blanket email campaigns. They cost a small fortune, have to be booked in advance and are missed or ignored by just about everyone you want to reach. Sendster puts your message in the hands of a customer exactly when you choose to send it - and they're already expecting to hear from you.

How does Sendster maximise your sales

Sign up online. It takes about five minutes.


Grab your web buttons to let customers know they can get your special offers on their mobiles.


Watch your database grow as your customers request your special offers.


Send your offers out then sit back and watch your customers come through the door.